Dear Readers,

Redefined Finance was created to encourage the rethinking of finance. The reality is that an overwhelmingly amount of the world’s population is naive regarding finance and personal finance. Either individuals are not educated on the subject or they feel that it is too difficult to understand; so they choose to fear or ignore the subject matter. I’ll admit that finance is a complicated topic full of variables. However, core principles surrounding personal finances can and should be applicable to all in order to create a healthy personal finance foundation and to build wealth.

It is my intention to explore multiple different aspects of finance and personal finance. In addition and if applicable, I will attempt to “redefine” the referenced aspects. I will imply a “rethinking” associated with conventional wisdom in order to build wealth in today’s environment. After all, conventional wisdom can be dangerous to you and your personal finances.

I am an experienced project management professional with a strong background in finance. I have worked in the finance sector and previously obtained my Series 7 license. I will be accepting my Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Finance & Management from The Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business School in December 2018. I am a young professional obsessed with personal finance.

It’s time to rethink finance.